Are you Sick of soup? Try these 7 other slow-cooker recipes

There are only so many times you can prepare soup, but slow cooker recipes retain a particular place in our hearts as food lovers because they’re simple, fantastic for meal prep, and don’t require you to stand over a stove. Ditch the soup spoon and try one of these 7 different slow cooker recipes to avoid getting the broth blues.

BBQ Chicken

We like to prepare barbecue chicken in larger quantities for many applications. You may use the excellent leftover chicken (sliced or pulled) for salads, sandwiches, bowls, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, grilled cheese, waffles, and more! Your creativity is the only restriction! Although Sugar Spun Run has a wonderful recipe, we occasionally just throw some chicken breasts and barbecue sauce in the slow cooker and set it on.

Buffalo Wings

Our go-to food on game days, cheat days, and any other day is buffalo wings. When we learned that this kicking chicken could be prepared in a slow cooker, our love for it just intensified. Check out this recipe from Spend with Pennies to prepare it yourself without a deep fryer.

Marsala chicken

We recently decided to attempt making chicken marsala in the slow cooker after getting a craving for it. The outcome was just as tasty—and easier, cheaper, and safer—than eating out. This Spicy Southern Kitchen dish is a great choice because it doesn’t even call for pre-searing or pre-browning the chicken!


Curl up with a warm bowl of chilli when the weather is chilly! If you use this recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod, which contains sweet potatoes, black beans, and avocado, it is heartier than soup and a fantastic source of protein. If you’re looking for a vegan supper, this particular variation is ideal!

Corned Beef Hash

Corned beef hash mixes chopped meat, potatoes, and onions, and can be served at more mealtimes than a pizza bagel. You’ll need to cook the hash portion in a skillet, but the corned beef goes into the slow cooker to be prepared to absolute perfection.

Crispy Orange Beef

There are a lot of chuck roast slow cooker recipes, but we like this one from Foodtastic Mom. It’s a variation of the famous crispy orange beer Chinese takeout dish, but our favorite part is that it only requires seven ingredients.

Eggplant Parm

Eggplant parmigiana is a dish that sounds so fancy we felt the need to abbreviate its name in the title. But it’s actually quite simple to prepare, and even easier using your slow cooker. Give it a whirl with this six-ingredient spin from CDKitchen.

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