How do your favorite celebrities relax?

In the modern world, there are far too many reasons to be stressed, and our attempts to genuinely disconnect and unwind are mocked by our to-do lists. But relaxing is important for maintaining our health.

Celebrities have very little privacy and some of the busiest schedules in the planet, so they must be doing something to stay motivated. See the unusual, odd, and clever things celebrities do to unwind in this gallery.

Emilia Clarke
The actress revealed to Violet Grey that her key to unwinding is spending at least 30 minutes in a hot bath with Epsom salts and bath oils.

Gisele Bündchen
For a career-driven woman like Bündchen, it’s important to stay at ease. “Every time I felt overpowered, I observed that I would hold my breath. I had to learn to slow down, unwind, and take several long, deep breaths before I could feel more clearheaded and prepared to handle the situation in a more kind manner “People, she said.

Kris Jenner
What does one of the most well-known matriarchs in the world enjoy doing for herself? “My passion is Costco. Like getting a massage, Costco “The New York Times received her confession.

Pinkett Smith, Jada
To stay as grounded as possible in this wild world, the Red Table Talk host told Women’s Health, “I do a lot of reading, thinking, and praying.”

Zoe Saldana
Saldana apparently relaxes by using a deadly weapon, unlike many others who take long baths or practise yoga. She claims that while letting go of a lot of power is calming, it also causes you to reconnect with yourself and your sense of control.

Cindy Crawford
The former supermodel said to Into the Gloss that she tries to follow her homoeopathic doctor’s advice and spend 20 minutes in an infrared sauna at least once a week. This helps her unwind, enhances her sleep, and increases circulation.

Shonda Rhimes
The head of TV admitted to The Oprah Magazine that she relaxes by herself in the bathtub. “The most significant item in my new home is the bathtub. I deliberated over that bathtub for weeks.”

Angelina Jolie
According to the actress, doing what you love is a type of meditation. For her, this includes spending time on the trampoline or sitting on the floor with the kids and drawing for an hour.

Erykah Badu
The singer attributed her ability to unwind to incorporating self-care practises her parents didn’t practise into her daily routine, eating healthfully, taking salt baths, and generally enjoying them all.

Gigi Hashad
The model likes to paint pottery as an outlet for her creativity. “I practise art a lot at home, including painting, drawing, and even working with clay. I construct numerous Lego sets. I suppose that is art! “To Harper’s Bazaar, she stated.

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