Celebrities who have given up social media

Celebs who have stopped using social media
Many well-known celebrities have chosen to withdraw from the realm of social media and the associated public scrutiny, whether it be for a single day or several years.

Tom Holland, the hero of “Spider-Man,” declared that he is avoiding social media in order to improve his mental health. The actor, who has previously turned off his social media accounts, claimed in a video signing off that Twitter and Instagram are both “overwhelming” and “overstimulating.” I get caught up and spiral when I read stuff about myself online, and it’s ultimately very bad for my mental health, so I took a step back and deleted the app, he continued.

Holland used the occasion to recommend a few helpful apps from the Stem4 advocacy group for teen mental health, which his charity The Brothers Trust sponsors. “There is a terrible stigma regarding mental health, and I know that asking for help and seeking help shouldn’t make us feel ashamed, but it is much easier said than done,” he continued. Therefore, I hope that using these apps will be your first step toward a better and healthier life.

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Cardi B
On April 3, after getting into an argument with her fans online who were expressing their displeasure that she had not attended the Grammys, Cardi B momentarily cancelled her Twitter account. For her performance of “Up,” Cardi was nominated for Best Rap Performance but lost. Before deactivating her account, the rapper tweeted, “I’m deleting my twitter but On God I detest this f—in dumb— fan base.” “You got the slow dumb—es dragging my kids around because y’all [thought] I was going to the Grammys but I f—ing wasn’t going to the f—? When the f— did I suggest I was leaving? Just f—ing foolish, I have to defend myself.

She seems to be referring to some fans who posted about her two kids since they were disappointed that she didn’t attend the event. Cardi reportedly tweeted on the morning of April 3, “When did I hype y’all up? “, displeased with fans who had earlier pushed her to deliver a follow-up to her 2018 album “Invasion of Privacy.” When and where have I ever dropped hints? Like, are you alright? If my album isn’t out or I don’t have a new song to sing, I won’t be receiving an award. Future year

Pete Davidson
Following his breakup with Ariana Grande in 2018, the “Saturday Night Live” actor cancelled his Instagram account, claiming he didn’t need the bad vibes. However, Davidson returned to the gramme after a four-year sabbatical. In addition to posting a mysterious Instagram story with the line “It’s better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime,” he published some advertisements for his next film “The Home.” Fans conjectured that this post and his return to the site had something to do with the unbalanced conflict involving Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye “Ye” West. In the days before, Ye had been criticising Davidson on Instagram. After gaining over a million followers in a single week, Davidson once more cancelled his account on February 23 having shared very little. 

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is a celebrity who frequently discusses the detrimental effects that social media has had on her mental health. She boldly told the tale of her breakdown in 2018 after succumbing to sadness and anxiety to an extreme degree. Instagram once took over as her entire world, and she admitted that this was really risky. “The finest choice I’ve ever made for my mental health was to take a break from social media. I made a system where my passwords are still missing. Once I put my phone down, the unwanted criticism and comparisons also stopped. The strange feeling will occasionally return to me, but I now have a much better relationship with myself.”

Britney Spears
After announcing her engagement to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari, Britney Spears made the decision to take the next weekend off from social media. The celebrity shut down her Instagram and moved to Palm Springs with her new fiance to enjoy a few peaceful days away from social media. She made it clear that taking the brief sabbatical was a personal decision and that nothing else should be inferred from it. After their vacation, she activated her account once more as promised and posted a few pictures.

Lana Del Rey
In September 2021, Lana Del Rey declared that she will stop using social media. She has a history of speaking her thoughts and debating with reporters and other celebrities, but for the time being, she is hanging up her hat and focusing on other things. In order to increase her privacy and devote more time to other aspects of her life, the singer announced that she will delete her Instagram and Twitter accounts: “For now, I believe I’m simply going to keep my circle a little bit closer and continue to pursue some other interests and abilities,” the speaker said.

Margot Robbie
Even though Margot Robbie was seldom ever active on social media, she felt compelled to make her exit known. The actress announced to her tens of millions of Instagram followers in June 2021 that she was leaving the social media site. In a caption on a picture of herself celebrating the Oscar-winning movie “Promising Young Woman,” she wrote, “Jumping off social media for the time being.” If you’re interested in what we’re up to, check out @luckychapentertainment; otherwise, ciao for now!

Chrissy Teigen
In March 2021, Chrissy Teigen cancelled her Twitter account after claiming that criticism of her on the social media site left her feeling “very injured.” She wrote a lengthy message to her followers thanking them for their support, but she also said that she still doesn’t know how to “shut out the hate.” Then, with a single click, she completed the deletion of her account.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen already left Twitter. Teigen opted to log off of Twitter after receiving online death threats as a result of a contentious tweet she posted about a shooting in Ottawa, Canada.

Alec Baldwin
The actor has left Twitter on numerous occasions, but usually in the wake of his own public gaffes, such as his temper outburst on a plane, his altercation with reporters, or his contentious comments regarding Harvey Weinstein’s victims.

Kelly Marie Tran
Following months of online harassment, the “Star Wars” actress made the decision to end her social media presence on June 4, 2018, and made the big sign off. According to Tran, “Star Wars” fans severely insulted her for her performance, appearance, and in especially for being of Asian descent.

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