5 things Sundar Pichai and other senior executives stated regarding layoffs and the difficult times ahead for Google employees


The future seems bleak for Google employees. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, recently stated that the company has too many people but not enough work, and he urged everyone to work harder than ever before. Now, top Google executives have warned that if the upcoming quarterly results are poor, “there will be blood on the streets.”

According to the most recent news, Google management have urged staff members to put in more effort. Employees have been told to either produce results or prepare for “blood on the streets.” A few months ago, Google similarly stopped hiring in order to assess its headcount and choose its next line of action. Let’s now quickly review 5 statements made about layoffs by Google CEO Sundar Pichai and other top executives.

-Let’s start with the CEO. A few days earlier, Pichai asked staff members for suggestions on how to get “better results faster” in addition to encouraging them to increase productivity. There are legitimate worries that our overall productivity isn’t up to par given the number of employees we have, he said.

-Now, Google’s top management have made hints that if staff members don’t improve their performance, they should simply get ready for layoffs. Additionally, these officials stated that the upcoming quarterly earnings will determine whether or not layoffs would take place.

-These senior Google executives have issued a warning, telling staff to either deliver results in the upcoming quarter or prepare for “blood on the streets.”

-According to reports, Google’s Cloud sales leadership has warned staff that they would be subject to a “overall evaluation of sales productivity and productivity in general” and that “there will be blood on the streets” if the results for the upcoming quarter are poor.

-Pichai recently stated that there are too many people at the tech company but not enough jobs. The CEO also gave his staff a warning to work quickly and concentrate more on ways to strengthen their products and serve customers.

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