12 spinach recipes you absolutely must try

There are 12 recipes for spinach that you must make.

Take a cue from the Sailor Man and use one of these 12 dishes to commemorate this most holy day for spinach (and to add some extra iron, potassium, and other minerals) whenever you choose.

12 spinach recipes you absolutely must try

Creamy spinach

One food that may seem really disgusting but is actually quite tasty is creamed spinach. Come on, it’s basically just butter, cream, three different kinds of cheese, and spinach. With the help of this recipe from Dinner Then Dessert, you can make the one that Morton’s Steakhouse is famous for at home.

Creamy spaghetti with chicken and spinach
In a straightforward alfredo sauce, penne pasta, spinach, and skillet-cooked chicken are combined in this deliciously creamy recipe from Snappy Gourmet. You just need seven ingredients in total—for the entire meal—because it’s so easy to make!

Pasta with cream, tomato, and sausage

Although spinach only plays a minor role in this recipe, it makes a great contrast to the meaty sausage, thick tomato sauce, and powerful rigatoni. However, the quantity of spinach should not be minimised. Two complete cups are required for this Joyous Apron recipe.

Green smoothies
Green smoothies may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when pineapple, banana, and mango are mixed, you won’t even taste the spinach. You’ll still receive all the advantages of this leafy green, of course, and a website fittingly named Simple Green Smoothies can instruct you on how to create it quickly.

wedding soup in Italian
It goes without saying that Italian wedding soup is one of our favourites. (And without a doubt, it is tough for Italians to do.) Although acini de pepe (or orzo) pasta is prominent, the dish is known for the delightful combination of meatballs and spinach. Use this recipe from Cooking Classy to elevate your cooking.


Quiche is a type of custard pie that comes in a wide variety of shapes and flavourings. This recipe from Once Upon a Chef combines a lot of spinach with a touch of French flair and Spanish style.

This Greek specialty combines spinach, feta cheese, and garlic before being wrapped in phyllo dough and baked until flaky. It is unquestionably our favourite spinach meal. It seems simple thanks to Feel Good Foodie.

Dip with spinach and artichokes
This spinach and artichoke dip contains cauliflower as well, so it undoubtedly has health advantages. Of course, a generous portion of cheddar cheese is also included in this Love & Lemons dish, but there is also half a cup of Greek yoghurt!

Green gnocchi
It’s an adventure, but a delightful one, to make spinach gnocchi from scratch. Be not afraid; Food With Feeling can make it simple. Additionally, these gnocchi go well with just about any sauce, so choose your favourite.

Green lasagna
If you want to add some nutritious ingredients to your next lasagna bake, spinach can be a welcome addition. Try this thin spinach lasagna recipe from Pinch of Yum if you want to get even healthier. Each of the 12 servings contains only 326 calories thanks to the nonfat ricotta and 2 tbsp of butter used in the recipe.

Eggs with spinach
Spinach is a simple food to incorporate into your diet, and omelettes also taste fantastic! You might follow these directions from AllRecipes, or you could simply add a few handfuls of greens the next time you’re making breakfast.

puffs of spinach
The ingredients in these spinach puffs from Well Plated include spinach, cream cheese, feta, parmesan, and bacon. The puffs are both stunning and charming, but they’re also lot simpler to make than they appear.

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